Nummulites. The origin.
Nummulites. The origin.
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Nummulites. The origin.

Origin of the name

The name comes from nummulites (from the Latin nummulus, which means "small coin"), about extinct single-celled animal organisms, which lived in waters with temperatures not lower than 20 degrees Celsius, in the Upper Paleocene and Eocene seas, until the mid-Lower Oligocene, more than forty million ago years.

Today we find them in the fossil genus and they generate great interest in geology as a guide to dating strata.

Regarding their shape, they have a shell of up to 6 centimeters in diameter, with a spiral cord.

Originally they were arranged constituting large banks on carbonate platforms at shallow depths, generally less than 100 meters, located around the current Mediterranean Sea. The compaction and foundation of the fossils together with the carbonate sediments were the origin of the nummulitic calcareous rock.

This limestone has been used as a building material since Roman times and is very abundant in the Girona area. To the point that it is known as "Girona stone". In the city there is no sculpture or building that does not contain nummulites in one way or another.

The Nummulit brand takes its name from this small fossil, which has inspired the art world for many years, for its beauty and practicality, creating a modern and functional product from a millenary historical base with such a particular aesthetic.


Nummulit brand

Based in Girona and born at the end of 2020, the Nummulit brand manufactures footwear that protects the feet and that represents no impediment to perform the functions that a foot must perform throughout the day.

Therefore, the Nummulit are minimalist shoes with very specific characteristics:

- It is very flexible footwear, which hardly interferes with the freedom of the natural movements of the foot or limits them in any direction.

- The sole is thin, without exceeding 6 millimeters, and with a thickness of the inner insole of about 4 millimeters, it also does not have any cushioning. This increases sensitivity and favors a close connection between the foot and the ground, improving stability and proprioceptive sense.

- The last on which they are built is wide, that does not pressure on the fingers, prevents malformations, and provides greater comfort.

- Conventional footwear usually has a difference of several centimeters between the heel and the metatarsal, while in the Nummulit the inclination of the sole is practically zero and this is known as “Zero-drop”. This elimination of the unevenness between the heel and the forefoot improves posture when walking or running and encourages the natural movement of other parts of the body such as the knees, hips, or back.

- They are very light shoes in terms of weight, so they allow maximum energy performance in each step and are very easy to wear on a day-to-day basis.

The Nummulit footwear is visually attractive, but quality and comfort have weighed in its manufacture, in addition to the aesthetic part.

Nummulit takes into account the particular anatomy of the feet and the basic functions for which they are designed, to function as a support for the body when moving and to keep us in an upright position.

Nummulit shoes allow the feet to function freely as a perfect propulsion lever with the necessary force to walk, run or jump, absorb shocks and ground irregularities and transfer the rotational forces of the hip.

In general terms, it is a shoe that contributes to improving foot mobility.


Nummulit products

In its beginnings the Nummulit brand offers two models of unisex sneakers, the Nummulit Terra with a casual look designed for everyday use, and the Nummulit Ignis, eminently focused on sports with more striking colors. The names Terra, Ignis, Aqua, and Aer identify the four classical elements of Latin.


Nummulit Terra

The Nummulit Terra is available in two colors, blue and grey. It is a sneaker with a discreet design, sneaker type, and focused for day-to-day use.

With a casual style, which adapts to the market but with 100% minimalist characteristics, the Terra model offers superior comfort to other shoes of the same style due to its wide last and its low weight, which is extremely light on the foot.

The result is an urban sneaker, made of cotton canvas and synthetic suede with highly combinable colors, as well as being totally vegan.

The material of the inner lining is breathable and sweat-absorbent viscose; the EVA and mesh insole can be removed for washing and also offers breathability and comfort.

The sole is made of non-slip rubber, it is thin (approximately 6 millimeters thick) and flat, with no inclination between the forefoot and the heel.


Nummulit Ignis 

The Nummulit Ignis is made in somewhat more striking colors, orange combined with black and blue combined with gray, but they are still very wearable.

Their low-cut design and flexibility make them ideal shoes for sports (functional training, light running, CrossFit, etc.) and the comfort they offer is unquestionable.

The outer materials, breathable mesh, and welded TPU protections, along with the shape of its last and its flat and flexible sole, make this minimalist shoe the perfect shoe for training, offering excellent support, traction, and stability. guaranteeing lightness and total freedom of movement of the foot.


Where to buy "nummulites"?

Nummulit, as a brand, has its own online store for minimalist shoes ( with two styles, sporty or casual, designed to meet different needs.

The platform allows payment by credit and debit card, bank transfer, and through Bizum.

In addition, they offer free national and international shipping for purchases over €100, returns (with shipping costs paid by the customer), and size changes.

It is a minimalist footwear with a good value for money, and is very affordable within the range in which barefoot footwear is found.


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