Size guide of the minimalist urban and sports shoes Nummulit

1. Nummulit size chart

Below you will find help to know your size. If you doubt, please, contact us.
Terra style fit half a size smaller than usual.
The conversion to USA and UK sizes it's only illustrative.

EU USA (M) UK (M) Foot length (cm) Foot length (inches)
38 6 5.5 24.0 9.45
39 7 6.5 24.7 9.70
40 7.5 7 25.3 9.96
41 8.5 8 26.0 10.23
42 9 8.5 26.7 10.49
43 10 9.5 27.3 10.75
44 10.5 10 28.0 11.02
45 11.5 11 28.7 11.28
46 12 11.5 29.3 11.54
47 13 12.5 30.0 11.80


2. How to find your size (method 1)

You can download the PDF file by clicking on the image and printing it on plain A4 size printer paper.

5 easy steps to finding your shoe size


3. How to find your size (method 2)

  1. Get your feet length in centimeters (see 4. How to measure your feet below).
  2. Round up to the nearest Foot length size to find out the size you should order (see 1. Size chart above).
    For example, if your foot is 27 centimeters, your proper size is 43 EU.


4. How to measure your feet

medida pie

Below we propose a method to measure your feet.
With the help of another person, the result will be more accurate, as the measurements come out better standing up (if sited, be sure your feet are firmly on the ground).
Put on the socks you plan to wear with the shoes you would like to buy. Many people have one foot larger than the other. To get the correct size, measure both feet and take the length of your largest foot.



Kit we will use.


pegar papel en el suelo

Fold the paper in half and mark a crease.
Open the paper and stick it on a hard surface, at a right angle to the wall.


colocarse encima del papel

Stand up straight on the paper, with the heel against the wall and the crease mark on the paper just between the feet.


apoyar caja

Place the box at a right angle and touching the tip of our longest foot.



Draw a line on the paper using the box as a rule.



Take a ruler and, using the crease mark on the paper as a guide, measure the length of the foot.