History of barefoot urban and sports shoes Nummulit


It was born in Girona with the aim of offering footwear that respects the natural movement of the feet and gives them the freedom to develop their full potential. A shoe so comfortable that you don't want to take it off all day.

Just as nummulite fossils are camouflaged among the stones of Girona, Nummulit shoes go unnoticed among conventional footwear. In this way, we manage to wear minimalist sneakers discreetly.


Josep Puig

An IT engineer by profession and a sports fan, once I tried minimalist footwear, I no longer wanted anything else for my feet. It was for this reason that in 2020 I launched my brand of foot-friendly sneakers.

Nummulit was born into a barefoot family that still seeks freedom in their movements. Together with my wife, a physiotherapist convinced of the benefits of minimalist shoes, we have ensured that our three children wear light and flexible shoes. The rest of the time they run freely with their bare feet, hot or cold.


Tie your laces and set your feet free!