Nummulit | About us | Barefoot Casual Sneakers | Minimalist Sport Shoes

Nummulit we are a family business located in Girona and we aim to create the right footwear: functional and stylish, letting your feet move naturally, freely and healthy, feeling the ground.


We chose the nummulit name nummulit (nummulite) because this small lenticular fossil is a presence that is found in many regions around the Mediterranean Sea and, above all, in the old part of the city of Girona. Firm architecture built with stones full of small eyes and watermarks. Its snail-shaped image envelops us and refers us to the beauty of the buildings. That is why the design of a millennial history, leads us to work and create in a modern way. The nummulitic inspiration has survived for years in the world of art, sculpture and painting, and nowadays, the company collects this legacy when it comes to designing a functional and beauty-tested product.

The basic aspects of minimalist footwear refer to simplicity. A definite flexibility that must not limit the movement of the foot in any direction. It also involves the use of a wide toe box that does not compress your fingers. Another feature of a shoe without cushioning and fine sole, is that it protects but feeling the terrain. At last, "zero drop": the elevation of the heel, or unevenness between heel and toes. Usual footwear has 1-2 cm of drop, while ours have a zero difference.