Payment methods at Nummulit, the brand of minimalist sneakers

All communications from our online store with sensitive data are secured by an SSL certificate. Next, we detail the payment systems that currently has:


The Virtual POS is an online payment system that allows online stores to accept payment from their customers using credit or debit cards. It is a device prepared to work in a totally safe way within the sales operation through the Internet, that is:

They will try to contact the card issuing bank to request the authentication of the holder (verification of their identity) before requesting the corresponding authorization request. In this way it is guaranteed that only the genuine cardholder, owner of the card, will be able to operate with it.

It implements SSL in all communications that prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is ensured in all communications that are established during the transaction.

It also enables mechanisms to prove the authenticity of the origin of transactions and that also prevent the manipulation of data by third parties. In this way, the integrity of the transaction data is ensured.

The card data is not known or stored by Nummulit, thus preventing this information from being used fraudulently by third parties later. (The best way to safeguard sensitive customer information is NOT to have it.) This information is conveniently stored by the Virtual POS, which in turn will provide it to the payment system when necessary (for example, in a return).

Therefore, all transactions carried out through the Virtual POS will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for the participating agents: cardholders and their issuing entities, and businesses and their acquirers.

The Virtual POS will be updated with the latest secure payment versions issued by international organizations.


You can order payment to our bank account by choosing "Payment by bank transfer" during the purchase process.

The bank transfer or deposit account implies a delay in the management of your purchase which will not enter the preparation process until it has been confirmed.

Indicate the order number as the Concept. Our system will locate it automatically. You do not need to send us proof of the transfer. We will send the order after confirmation of payment.

Transfers from different entities can take up to two business days (they do not count weekends or holidays) to reach us, according to banking regulations. We keep the transfer orders active for four days. After that time, if the payment has not been confirmed, the order will be automatically canceled.