Pronation and supination while walking
Pronation and supination while walking
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Pronation and supination while walking

The march is one of the most important gestures of human beings. It is the most basic movement (along with breathing) of our body and brain. Human beings are made to move with an intention (to hunt, get food, socialize, etc).

Depending on the author, we can differentiate various phases of the march. To make it easier, in this case, we are going to divide them into three: initial contact, full support, take-off. These are of great importance and it will be necessary to be able to access all of them for a complete march.

To carry out each of the phases, the correct functioning of our feet is of vital importance. Our feet have to be able to pronate and supinate. When this is not possible, problems appear (the body needs to express the variability of movement in all joints).

· In pronation, when the foot turns inward to distribute the impact when stepping, it absorbs load, widens, approaches the ground, and flattens (less plantar arch).

· In supination, when the foot rotates out of the ankle, it propels itself and produces force, narrows, shortens, and becomes more rigid (greater plantar arch).

That said, understanding these two functions is key and they go hand in hand, we can't have one without the other. The body needs to charge and then shoot. It is like a slingshot or a spring. We need to pronate (absorb and charge energy) and then supinate (push ourselves and produce force).

Therefore, the question is not about being a pronator, a supinator, or putting orthopedic insoles. It is about teaching our brain to regain those ranges of motion and functions that it should be capable of.

We have heard many times that being a pronator is a bad thing ... But pronation is a natural movement of the body. The foot has to be able to pronate and supinate. Being a pronation specialist is just as bad as being a supination specialist. The problem appears when you are not able to get out of that pronation. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to assess Is this foot functional? Works correctly? If so, perfect, no problem. Does it work the wrong way? Before the first option is orthopedic insoles, the most advisable thing is for a professional to assess the muscles and neurological function of the foot.

Transitioning to minimalist footwear such as Nummulit sneakers will optimize the function of our feet, which will bring about an improvement in our overall health. What characteristics does this shoe have to have? Wide, flexible, without cushioning, flat, and zero-drop.

Iñigo Díez @keepmoving_id Graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.


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