The arrival of the “minimalists”
The arrival of the “minimalists”
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The arrival of the “minimalists”

One of the health problems that we acquire from a young age is that they put shoes on us. On the one hand, they freed us from cuts and wounds on our feet. They allowed us to get into rocky terrain, play soccer or get rid of some stomp or other... But on the other hand they atrophied our muscles, deformed our fingers and prevented the foot from having a correct development. Fashion aggravates all this: excessively narrow shoes, with a lot of drop or heel and with shock-absorbing elements... In short, they completely changed the nature of the foot.

Surely we have all seen those images of the giraffe women in Thailand. Since they are little girls, they wear rings that lengthen their necks. We all think about the barbarity that this implies for the health of these women and it shocks us enormously. Well, the same thing happens in our culture with footwear: shoes with a "shoe" shape totally removed from the shape of a foot. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to make foot-shaped footwear? That 95% of our day we were barefoot or with shoes that respect the shape of our foot. And only punctually we would put on a high-heeled shoe for an event, soccer boots or other footwear indicated for a certain activity. Of course the "fashionable" footwear brands are destroying the feet of humanity. Luckily, brands aware of this issue are emerging and soon we will see the big footwear companies manufacturing these healthy models: minimalist footwear.

Every day in consultation we see pathological feet. Not only because the patient has sprained himself but also because of his deformed fingers, bunions or neuromas. Flat and arched feet. Claw toes, “fallen” metatarsals, etc. All of them caused to a great extent by the excessive use of inappropriate footwear. And yes, I dare to point directly to fashion. This has to change.

We are already many health professionals who warn of this problem. A deformed foot, an atrophied foot, a foot that does not work properly not only suffers itself, but also shakes the entire body structure. Patients with knee problems due to lack of foot stability. Patients with hip problems due to weakness of the plantar arch. Calf, back and balance problems due to feet that don't work. They are half dead!

All global training must begin with bare foot training. No shoes and no socks. Perhaps helping those fingers with some silicone separators that align them correctly. Redevelop the movements that babies have innately: separate the fingers, make the movement of the thumb independent of the rest, etc. Activate the plantar longitudinal arch and the transverse arch... They are structures that are supported by the musculature. And the footwear has loaded it. Let's wake up! The footwear has to change.

Fight for your feet, don't let them die. Exercise them! Look for minimalist shoes: with little soles and widths. In case of any pathology suspect that maybe the feet are not working well. Work them! And from the ground you will be laying the foundations of your health. Physio word!

Jesús Serrano, Fisioterapeuta
Clínica Improve


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