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Crossfit: intensive training
Crossfit is a very popular functional training that combines different disciplines to exercise the whole body. It is based on the work of a wide variety of capacities and abilities such as strength, endurance, speed, psychomotor, or balance, offering high performance and a very effective method to get in shape.
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Parkour and minimalist footwear
Parkour is a sports practice that consists of overcoming obstacles in the environment using only the body itself. To place your feet within a millimeter margin of error, you need to be able to feel the ground and obstacles with your feet. In addition, it is essential that the footwear has the best possible grip, thus eliminating unnecessary risk factors.
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Benefits of minimalist footwear
Benefits of using minimalist footwear: - Strengthens the foot and leg - Promotes a correct stride - Save energy - Reduces pressure and friction - Reduces muscle and joint tension - Improves stability and balance - It allows to develop the proprioceptive system ...
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Transition from conventional to minimalist footwear
Despite the many benefits that minimalist footwear brings to our body, it may not all be advantages if the transition is not made correctly and gradually. The transition between conventional footwear and minimalist footwear must be done progressively and, like all drastic changes, entails a period of adaptation that, at first, may seem difficult.
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What is minimalist footwear?
Minimalist footwear is one that protects the feet and does not hinder them in the performance of their functions, and has the following characteristics: Great flexibility, thin sole, wide last, zero-drop (completely flat) and light.
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